Skyzone SKY03O

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€ 466,99

SKY03 3D v2 goggles have been eagerly awaited by the community, primarily because of their predecessor SKY02S which has become an iconic product of the Rotorama team and is a success for most racing events. Not only the in Rotorama team but also by most of the top racing FPV pilots in the Czech Republic, Skyzone has earned their trust. There are no goggles in that price category that would outperform them in terms of the quality of the displays, sharpness, contrast, colors, and the quality of the receivers. Unlike mainstream popular Fatsharks, SkyZone's receivers are integrated, which adds more benefits to most users, considering their extremely high quality, which is no longer a doubt among the FPV community. The first model of SKY03 goggles was accompanied by an irrational ergonomics that was not suitable for the average shape of a European user's face. However, Skyzone has listened to the users and prepared an ergonomically modified version - V2. So how did SKY03 V2 succeed? You can try out the goggles by us in Prague and try to convince yourself about their quality. We are excited because the big picture which is very sharp all the way to the edges - definitely not the case with competing Fatsharks. Skyzone now has a very attractive price on the SKY03 goggles. Compared to the comptetition, SKY03 provides a much better price / performance ratio.

SKY03 3D v2 is targeting the absolute high-end of  FPV goggles today. The dominant of the goggles is a sleek set of lenses that lets your eyes sharply see two SVGA displays with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 800x600 resolution. Sharp, high-contrast and vivid colors combined with 42-degree FOV are enchanting. Version 2 offers ergonomics that is very similar to the SKY02S goggles wich comfortably suits most users, although in this case it is a subjective matter. The manufacturer has corrected the absence of a fan in this model to help reduce display fogging. Its activation can be controlled by briefly pressing the power button. Its long press also switches off and on the goggles themselves, so it is not necessary to disconnect the power connector. The quality of the diversity receivers is at least the same as the predecessor, which still has some of the best integrated diversity receivers on the market. Goggles still offer 3D viewing and headtracking. Clear OSD, DVR, or 2-6S power supply is a must-have for SkyZone.


  • 3D/2D
  • Integrated diversity receiving modules
  • 5.8 GHz / 48 channels
  • Supports HDMI, DVR, AV input / output
  • Integrated front camera 640x480
  • IPD (distance between lens centers): 57.5 - 69.5 mm
  • FOV: about 43°
  • 2x SVGA 800x600 display
  • Adjustable LED effects
  • Manual (PDF download)


  • 1 x SKY03 3D v2 FPV goggles
  • 1 x practical protective case
  • 1 x Futaba data cable
  • 1 x JR data cable
  • 2 x 5.8G 2dBi antenna (linear)
  • 1 x AV cable
  • 1 x power cord