Rotorama Lite 2205 2300Kv

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Rotorama Lite is an affordable engine especially for beginners and recreational pilots. The engine will get you in the air for a fraction of the price of hi-end engines, and performance will be satisfactory in the beginning. In racing copters, accidents are common and it takes time to learn to fly.  After a few months, when you learn to fly and are able to use the potential of the larger 2207 engines, you simply replace the Rotorama Lite engines with better ones and you can enjoy flying with good new engines that do not remember all your initial falls



  • Size: 2205
  • Kv: 2300
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Recommended battery voltage: 3-4S
  • Cable length: 8 cm
  • ideal engine for the 1st quad