ToolkitRC M6DAC

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The ToolkitRC M6DAC is a small two-channel charger with an integrated 200W power supply. The charger can be powered by 230V from the AC plug, from a direct voltage source or an external battery (7-28V). When powered from an external source, the full potential of the charger can be used and charge up to 350W per channel and with a current of up to 15A. The charger can charge not only classic Lipo batteries, but also LiHV, LiFe, Lion, NiMh or Pb. It can also be switched to laboratory power mode, when the output voltage and current are adjustable. Smart batteries, for example from DJI, can also be charged in this mode. The charger also has a USB-C connector with 65W fast charge for charging a phone, laptop or HD camera.

Two independent batteries can be connected to the dual-channel charger and each can be charged according to different parameters. The maximum power per channel is 350W. The charger can also be operated in synchronous mode, when both channels of the charger are used to charge one battery. In this case, the battery can be charged with a power of up to 700W and a current of up to 25A. However, when powering the charger from the mains, the power is limited by the 200W integrated power supply.

The charger is controlled by a metal roller. All charging information is displayed on a 3.5" IPS display with a resolution of 480x320 pixels. The charger must not be powered from an AC source and a DC source at the same time.


  • Power supply: 100-240V AC / 7-28V DC (max 30A)
  • Charging power: 200W (AC) / 2x 350W 0.1-15A or 1x 700W 0.1-25A (DC)
  • Battery types: Lipo, LiHV, LiFe, Lion 1-6S, NiMh 1-16S, Pb 1-10S
  • Balance current: 1A
  • Balancing accuracy < 0.005V
  • Discharge power: 15W
  • USB-C: 65W 3.25A@20V
  • USB-C protocols: PD, QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE, SFCP, VOC
  • Size: 127x106x57mm
  • Weight: 520g


  • 1x Charger