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iFlight Evoque F5D V2

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The iFlight Evoque F5D V2 is a unique freestyle frame. Compared to regular frames, the Evoque has many interesting accessories. The most striking of them are the plastic sides that cover all the electronics of the drone. This prevents dirt and grass from getting into the stack where it can cause a short or other problems. There is also a light strip running through the sides and shoulders, which gives the copter a unique look. The fixed attachment of the XT60 connector is also practical, thanks to which you avoid the risk of cutting the cables from the battery, if they could otherwise get tangled in your propellers. The frame is compatible with DJI O3 video transmission, but can also be used with analog. For this reason, the iFlight aluminum cooler is also included in the package, which helps reduce the temperature of the O3 unit. The camera is mounted in an aluminum cage that protects it very well. To eliminate vibrations, the camera is screwed into soft silicone inserts. The frame also includes small handy accessories such as motor cable covers, beeper, GPS holder, RC antenna holder, arm end covers or a holder for GoPro cameras.

The frame is delivered in F5D - Deadcat design. Deadcat frames have the front arms moved more to the side and back. Thanks to this, the ends of the propellers are not visible in the image, so you can fully enjoy an undisturbed flight. The frame is suitable for all freestyle pilots who are looking for a compact and unobtrusive frame with interesting elements and good protection of electronics. The arms made of 6mm thick carbon are very durable and can withstand many falls.


  • Diagonal distance of engines: 223
  • Design: Deadcat (no propellers in picture)
  • Size: 190x136x36mm
  • Arm thickness: 6mm
  • Thickness of the bottom plate: 3mm
  • Thickness of middle plate: 3mm
  • Thickness of the top plate: 2mm
  • Motor mounting holes: 16mm M3
  • Weight: 150g (without TPU)


  • 1x Frame
  • 1x O3 Cooler
  • 2x MMCX - RP-SMA Pigtail
  • 1x Antenna holder for O3
  • 1x GoPro mount
  • 4x Cover of arms
  • 2x Lower plate cover
  • 2x Lipo tape
  • 2x Pad under the battery
  • 1x Set of screws