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Rotorama Samurai V3 Pro

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Rotorama Samurai V3 Pro is the third generation of a light frame designed mainly for racing. The Samurai V3 boasts high durability, excellent flight characteristics and relatively easy construction at a low weight of 60 grams. In the third generation, we opted for the True X shape. The main change from the previous version is the extension of the center. The Samurai V3 has a space of 50mm between the arms, so it can easily fit larger ESCs such as Foxeer Reaper 60A, Diatone Mamba Race 75A, HGLRC Zeus 45A and all-in-one boards such as HGLRC Zeus35 AIO. There is more than 25mm of space in height, so you can put 3 boards in the stack. 

The Pro version of Samurai has side force generators (SFG) attached to the arms. These help stabilize the drone in fast forward flight. Thanks to the unique firm attachment to the arms, they also significantly increase the rigidity and overall durability of the frame.

The sides have small teeth in the front part, which you can also find on other Rotorama frames. These serve as reference points for setting the camera angle, which you can always set in the same way.


  • Weight: 60g
  • Space for stack: 50x25mm
  • Stack mounting pattern: 20x20mm M2
  • Motor mounting pattern: 16mm M3
  • Shape: True X
  • Camera size: Micro
  • Models for 3D print


  • 1x Frame