Airbot Omnibus F4 V6

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The Airbot Omnibus F4 V6 is the market-all-starfor its reliability and high quality standards . It offers everything needed for racing and freestyle diving. You can power it with up to 6S LiPo.

At an affordable price, Airbot offers precision-engineered and superbly sized products with careful output control.


  • STM32 F405 MCU,
  • SBUS / PPM input (Pinheaders)
  • 6PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)
  • Dimensions: 36x36
  • Mounting holes pitch 30.5x30x5 for M3
  • SD card slot
  • SPI Sensor MPU6000
  • 5V BEC / 1A
  • Direct power supply 3-6S


  • 1x Airbot Omnibus F4 V6