BETAFPV Beta65 2 Pro

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This is a miniature copter with a shocking performance thanks to the 0802 brushless motors and the 2S Li-Po battery in the BNF ("Bind and Fly") version.

Beta65 2 Pro combines the benefits of the tiny TinyWhoop with racing miniquad at the weight of only ~ 28g . This Whoop is able to "fly out of the box" at more than 80kmh! Thanks to the flexible frame with prop-guards and the weight corresponding to four ham slices, it is safe to fly anywhere, even at home.

The modern F4 controller with an integrated 5A 4in1 ESC offers the complete usage of DShot commands, such as "Turtle Mode" for tipping over the Whoop into the flight position using the transmitter sticks. Components are very well protected by a small plastic hood. The antenna is positioned along the lines of modern trends parallel to the frame, so there are no shocks being transferred to the VTX or the antenna itself.

The tiny but extremely efficient copter provides a huge portion of fun for professional pilots and complete beginners alike.


  • STM32F405 and MPU6000
  • Brushless motors 0802 17500KV, DShot
  • Betaflight OSD
  • Setting VTX with SmartAudio, 0; 25; 200mW
  • Extremely durable covered construction
  • Safe, quiet, 28g weight
  • Beta65X - "X" for Extreme Flying, up to 80kmh!
  • Variant with FRSKY or Flysky receiver
  • A great gift that will delight a professional pilot as well as a beginner

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  • 1x Beta65 2 Pro (assembled)
  • 2x 1S 300 LiHV