Rotorama Calypso 5" HD ARF

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The Calypso 5 "HD ARF is an unassembled set of ultralight drone with digital image transmission. The ultralight 5" excels in long flight time, low inertia and excellent maneuverability. The frame itself weighs only 46 grams. It holds 2 stacks in a row, making it ideal for the Caddx Vista HD video transmitter. The 3mm carbon shed protects the camera and serves as a platform for attaching any 3D print, whether it is an HD camera holder or GPS. The Calypso 5 "helicopter can normally be flown for over 8 minutes. It is thus suitable for both freestyle and long-range trips. Thanks to its low weight, the helicopter flies very pleasantly both when zigzagging between trees in the forest and at higher speeds. you will like it very quickly.

If you do not dare to assemble the set yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few working days. Just insert assembly.into the order.


  • Durable construction
  • 4mm thick interchangeable arms
  • Cutout for capacitor
  • Designed for Caddx Vista and analog transmission
  • Space for 2x 20x20mm stack with positioning
  • Weight: 46g (without 3D printing)
  • Long flight time
  • 3D models

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