Rotorama Meffie HD ARF

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Rotorama Meffie is a lightweight (27.5 g) yet durable frame designed for 3" (and smaller) propellers.

The frame has minimal aerodynamic drag, which, combined with 1407 motors and 4S, delivers the ultimate flight characteristics that do not leave even seasoned pilots unexcited. Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight, the three-inch copter is very versatile, has less inertia and also produces significantly less noise - allowing for safer flying in smaller spaces (parks, halls, gardens, ...). 

By combining the Runcam Split Mini V2 and the Rotorama Meffie frame, you get a clean HD 1080p60fps video. 

If you do not feel like building the copter yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few days. Simply order kit assembly together with this set.  

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