Rotorama Samurai V2 ARF

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Rotorama Samurai V2 ARF is an unassembled set of light and fast racing drone. Samurai V2 Rotorama is based on the very successful ultra-light Samurai frame. Samurai V2 provides ultimate flight characteristics and very low weight without compromise. Compared to the V1 frame, the Samurai V2 is a few grams heavier, but more durable and easier to build.

The set includes carefully selected components for maximum performance and reliability. The arms are joined and reinforced. They are made of 5mm thick carbon fiber and connected in pairs. Both double-arms are secured in place by two M3 bolts and by the sides, making the arms to hold firmly in place even after countless falls. The arms are easily replaceable. In the case of a very hard crash and possible breakage, you are back in the air in a few minutes.

ARF set contains individual components for drone assemly, you will need RC receiver.
If you don't want to assembly the drone, we can do it for you. Just add Multicopter assembly to your order. 

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